2024 World Cup Blue Marlin Championship Entries

Listed below are the 2024 World Cup Blue Marlin Championship Entries.

Confirmation ID Location Boat Name Entered In BBC
OL1997 Other - Marquesas French Polynesia SeaWolf Yes
OL1998 Bermuda Sea base Yes
OL2001 Portugal AVENTURA No
OL2002 Cape Verde Parranda Yes
OL2003 Cape Verde Blue Oceans Yes
OL2004 Hawaii - Kona Kona Cowboy No
OL2005 Hawaii - Kona Pursuit Yes
OL2006 Hawaii - Kona Five Star Yes
OL2007 Cape Verde Hemingway No
OL2008 Hawaii - Kona Marlin Magic Yes
OL2009 Hawaii - Kona Kila Kila Yes
OL2010 Cape Verde Smoker No
OL2012 Hawaii - Kona Benchmark No
OL2013 Gulf of Mexico Jessi Sue No
OL2014 Bermuda No Vacancy Yes
OL2015 Other - Funchal - Ilha da Madeira - Portugal Lara Jade No
OL2016 Bermuda Mama Who Yes
OL2017 Cape Verde DOGS BOLLOCKS Yes
OL2018 Cape Verde BAD COMPANY Yes
OL2020 Hawaii - Kona Kraaken No
OL2021 Bermuda Reel tight Yes
OL2022 Hawaii - Kona Ambush Yes
OL2023 Hawaii - Kona Pair O Dice Yes
OL2024 Bermuda Iron Leader Yes
OL2025 Hawaii - Kona maunakea Yes
OL2026 Hawaii - Kona Kona Dream No
OL2027 Hawaii - Kona Huntress Yes
OL2028 Other - Marquesas - French Polynesia Ultimate Lady Yes
OL2029 Portugal - Madeira Freed'em No
OL2030 Cape Verde CATCH Yes
OL2031 Cape Verde The Release Man Yes
OL2032 Portugal Blue Makaira No
OL2033 Hawaii - Kona 2nd Offense Yes
OL2034 Bermuda Sea Toy No
OL2035 Hawaii - Kona Top Shape No
OL2036 Hawaii - Kona Last Chance Yes
OL2037 Portugal Grander Yes
OL2038 Portugal Jurate Yes
OL2039 Other - MADEIRA billable hours Yes
OL2040 Other - Madeira Cabo Sao Joao No
OL2041 Bahamas - Bimini HT Hook No
OL2042 Hawaii - Kona Humdinger No
OL2043 Bermuda Big Deal Yes
OL2044 Hawaii - Kona EZ PICKENS No
OL2045 Cape Verde NHA Cretcheu No
OL2046 Bermuda BREE No
OL2047 Cape Verde Andromeda No
OL2048 Gulf of Mexico Houdini Yes
OL2049 Hawaii - Kona High Flier No
OL2050 Hawaii - Kona Kraken No
OL2051 Portugal Katherine B Yes
OL2052 Other - TWIN SOUL No
OL2053 Gulf of Mexico The Edge Yes
OL2054 Bermuda Fender Bender Yes
OL2055 Hawaii - Kona Maggie Joe No
OL2056 Cape Verde Mystic Blue No
OL2057 Bermuda No Le Hace Yes
OL2058 Bermuda Game Time Yes
OL2059 Portugal Margarita Yes
OL2060 Hawaii - Kona Tropical Sun Yes
OL2061 Hawaii - Kona Northern lights Yes
OL2062 Hawaii - Kona TERESA No
OL2063 Hawaii - Kona Bwana Yes
OL2064 Cape Verde Sea Quest No
OL2065 Bermuda MamaSeata Yes
OL2066 Bermuda Baileys Ark Yes
OL2067 Portugal Xareu Yes
OL2068 Bermuda Pastime No
OL2069 Bermuda pescaria Yes
OL2070 Bermuda Reel Addiction No
OL2071 Bermuda Chasin' A Yes
OL2072 Bermuda Reel Lax No
OL2073 Hawaii - Kona Strong Persuader Yes
OL2074 Hawaii - Kona Mauna Loa Yes
OL2075 Portugal PRIME No
OL2076 Hawaii - Kona Sea Genie II No
OL2077 Portugal Pesca Grossa Yes
OL2078 Bermuda Gratitude Yes
OL2079 Bermuda Grand Slam No
OL2080 Cape Verde Uno Mas Yes
OL2081 Hawaii - Kona Lightspeed Yes
OL2082 Hawaii - Kona Xtreme Dream Yes
OL2083 Bermuda Sea Striker Yes
OL2084 Bermuda El Cazador Yes
OL2085 Cape Verde My Victoria No
OL2086 Gulf of Mexico AMIGO Yes
OL2087 Bermuda Game Changer Yes
OL2088 Bermuda Builder's Choice No
OL2089 Hawaii - Kona piper Yes
OL2090 Bermuda De-Bait-Able/Hit 'n Run Yes
OL2091 Hawaii - Kona Silky Yes
OL2092 Hawaii - Kona Kona Blue Yes
OL2093 Hawaii - Kona Lady Yes
OL2094 Bermuda UnWined Yes
OL2095 Gulf of Mexico Rising Sons Yes
OL2096 Hawaii - Kona Siesta Yes
OL2097 Portugal Luna Yes
OL2098 Bermuda Treasure Isle Yes
OL2099 Bermuda Margin Call No
OL2100 Gulf of Mexico FAT CHICK No
OL2101 Cape Verde Happy Hooker 2 No
OL2102 Bermuda Apex No
OL2103 Cape Verde Wave Paver Yes
OL2104 Bermuda Whirlwind Yes
OL2105 Bermuda Keep Dreaming Yes
OL2106 Hawaii - Kona SNAFU Yes
OL2107 Gulf of Mexico Grocery Isle Yes
OL2108 Bahamas - Abacos COWDAWG Yes
OL2109 Gulf of Mexico Let it ride Yes
OL2110 Hawaii - Kona Game Plan Yes
OL2111 Bermuda Safari No
OL2112 Bermuda Tripleplay No
OL2113 Outer Banks A-SALT-WEAPON No
OL2114 Hawaii - Kona Cormorant Yes
OL2115 Cape Verde Miss Angela No
OL2116 Bermuda Scally Wag No
OL2117 Portugal Sea Angel Yes
OL2118 Hawaii - Kona Tantrum No
OL2119 Bermuda WASTEKNOT Yes
OL2120 Bermuda Viking 82 Yes
OL2121 Gulf of Mexico Done Deal Yes
OL2122 Hawaii - Kona Sundowner No
OL2123 Gulf of Mexico Chasin Tail Yes
OL2124 Bermuda Reel Deal Yes
OL2125 Gulf of Mexico Miss Remy Yes
OL2126 Gulf of Mexico Quicktime Yes
OL2127 Bahamas - Abacos Usual Suspects No
OL2128 Bermuda Tenacious No
OL2129 Bermuda Challenger Yes
OL2130 Gulf of Mexico dreamin on Yes
OL2131 Bermuda Wolverine Yes
OL2133 Bermuda Joker Yes
OL2134 Portugal Sea Spirit No
OL2135 Gulf of Mexico Pressure's On Yes
OL2136 Bermuda Pescador Yes
OL2137 Gulf of Mexico Miss Josie No
OL2138 Portugal Flipper 11 No
OL2139 Gulf of Mexico Big Torch No
OL2140 Gulf of Mexico Southern Charm Yes
OL2141 Bermuda Honey Badger Express No
OL2142 Bermuda Just A Dog No
OL2143 Portugal Iron Bird Yes
OL2144 Gulf of Mexico Team Supreme Yes
OL2145 Other - Maderia Grander 54 Yes
OL2146 Portugal Lightspeed Yes
OL2147 Bermuda REEL QUICK No
OL2148 Bermuda Gladys Fox No
OL2149 Hawaii - Kona Beast Mode No
OL2150 Bermuda Never Know Yes
OL2151 Azores SENSEI Yes
OL2152 Gulf of Mexico A Work of Art Yes
OL2153 Bermuda Overproof No
OL2154 Portugal Sorted No
OL2155 Hawaii - Kona Pelagic Yes
OL2156 Other - Newport; RI Sandbob Yes
OL2157 Other - Not Carolina IMPOSSIBLE No
OL2158 Portugal Boca No
OL2159 Hawaii - Kona Lehuanani Yes
OL2160 Azores Double Header No
OL2161 Bermuda christina No
OL2162 Gulf of Mexico Devotion No