2019 World Cup Blue Marlin Championship Entries

Listed below are the 2019 World Cup Blue Marlin Championship Entries.

Last updated 07/02/2019 – 6:00pm est. (150 Total Entries / 67 in BBC)

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Boat Name Confirmation # Location Entered In BBC
Nasty Habit OL1260 Hawaii – Kona Yes
Five Star OL1261 Hawaii – Kona Yes
Reel Addiction OL1262 Bermuda Yes
Strong Persuader OL1263 Hawaii – Kona Yes
Smooth Move OL1264 Gulf of Mexico No
sapo OL1265 Hawaii – Kona Yes
La Onda Emma OL1266 Cape Verde No
Marlin Magic 2 OL1267 Hawaii – Kona Yes
REEL LAX OL1268 Bermuda No
Geri Lynn OL1269 Cabo San Lucas No
Miss Magnolia OL1270 Bermuda No
Ambush OL1271 Hawaii – Kona No
Sea Toy OL1272 Bermuda Yes
Sweetum OL1273 Bermuda Yes
Ihu Nui OL1274 Hawaii – Kona Yes
BomBoys Toy OL1275 Hawaii – Kona No
La Belle OL1276 Bermuda No
Sorted OL1277 Portugal – Madeira No
Foxy Lady OL1278 Hawaii – Kona Yes
Walter Harmstead OL1279 Other – Ocean city marylandn Yes
BLANK CHECK OL1280 Bermuda Yes
Cavalier OL1281 Canary Islands No
Humdinger OL1282 Hawaii – Kona Yes
Honey OL1283 Hawaii – Kona No
Fire Hatt OL1284 Hawaii – Kona No
Sweet Sadie OL1285 Hawaii – Kona Yes
EZ Pickens OL1286 Hawaii – Kona No
Northern Lights
OL1287 Hawaii – Kona Yes
Kona Blue OL1288 Hawaii – Kona Yes
HEBE OL1289 Cape Verde No
Freed’em OL1290 Portugal – Madeira Yes
Cabo Sao Joao OL1291 Portugal – Madeira No
NHA Cretcheu OL1292 Cape Verde No
Ultimate Lady OL1293 Other – Marquesas – French Polynesia Yes
Pair O Dice OL1294 Hawaii – Kona Yes
Mystic Blue OL1295 Cape Verde No
Anitajean OL1296 Bermuda No
balancal OL1297 Portugal – Madeira No
Sea Quest OL1298 Cape Verde No
The Holiday OL1299 Hawaii – Kona No
Topshape OL1300 Hawaii – Kona No
Trouble Maker OL1301 Hawaii – Kona Yes
BREE OL1302 Bermuda Yes
PURSUIT OL1303 Hawaii – Kona Yes
Es Mucho OL1304 Bermuda No
Dream Catcher OL1305 Portugal – Madeira No
Andromeda OL1306 Cape Verde No
Reel steel OL1307 Bermuda Yes
Diversion OL1308 Bahamas – San Salvador No
Big Deal OL1309 Bermuda Yes
MY VICTORIA OL1310 Cape Verde No
Last OL1311 Hawaii – Kona Yes
Bwana OL1312 Hawaii – Kona Yes
Anxious OL1313 Hawaii – Kona No
Onda Mila OL1314 Cape Verde No
Rage On OL1315 Other – Papua New Guinea – Kar Kar Island;
Playmaker OL1316 Bahamas – San Salvador No
Blackhawk OL1317 Bermuda No
Sea Genie OL1318 Hawaii – Kona Yes
Stephanie OL1319 Papa New Guinea – Kokopo; Rabual; etc. No
Pesca Grossa OL1320 Portugal – Madeira Yes
OSCEOLA OL1321 Bermuda Yes
Lightspeed OL1322 Hawaii – Kona Yes
Aquilino Vallarino OL1323 Other – Panama No
Brasilia OL1324 Portugal – Azores No
Hedonist OL1325 Canary Islands No
IHU NUI 2 OL1326 Hawaii – Kona No
Omega 1 OL1327 Portugal – Madeira No
Auspicious OL1328 Bermuda Yes
You Never Know OL1329 Gulf of Mexico No
Kila Kila OL1330 Hawaii – Kona No
Jubilee OL1331 Bahamas – San Salvador Yes
Grander OL1332 Bermuda Yes
mjolnir OL1333 Bermuda No
Reelentless OL1334 Hawaii – Kona No
18 Reeler OL1335 Bermuda Yes
Fa La Me OL1336 Bermuda Yes
Divine Intervention OL1337 Bahamas – Abacos No
Legacy OL1338 Bermuda Yes
FLYER OL1339 Bermuda Yes
The Edge OL1340 Bahamas – San Salvador Yes
Cest La Vie OL1341 Bermuda No
Triple Threat OL1342 Gulf of Mexico No
Elcazador OL1343 Bermuda Yes
Waiopai OL1344 Hawaii – Kona Yes
Sea Baby III OL1345 Hawaii – Kona Yes
Treasure Isle OL1346 Bermuda No
Sea Angel OL1347 Bermuda Yes
WASTE KNOT OL1348 Bermuda Yes
Game Changer OL1349 Bermuda No
DOJO OL1350 Hawaii – Kona No
Blue Makaira OL1351 Portugal – Madeira No
Gypsea Blues OL1352 Portugal – Azores No
Patron OL1353 Other – Guyana No
MARLIN DARLIN OL1354 Bahamas – Abacos Yes
Kanaloa OL1355 Other – Shinnecock; NY Yes
FREESPOOL OL1356 Canary Islands No
Paradise One OL1357 Bermuda No
Bebiche OL1358 Cape Verde No
Katherine B OL1359 Portugal – Madeira No
Wild Bunch OL1360 Other – Hawaii – Oahu Yes
Never Know OL1361 Bermuda Yes
Tripleplay OL1362 Bermuda No
Uno Mas OL1363 Bermuda Yes
Margin Call OL1364 Bermuda No
Scally Wag OL1365 Bermuda No
Gladys Fox OL1366 Bermuda No
PESCADOR OL1367 Bermuda Yes
Overproof OL1368 Bermuda No
Miss Remy OL1369 Gulf of Mexico No
Guardian OL1370 Bermuda No
Lady Rebecca OL1371 Bermuda Yes
Hot Spot OL1372 Bermuda Yes
Piper OL1373 Hawaii – Kona Yes
OL1374 Cape Verde Yes
Mama who OL1375 Bermuda Yes
Krazy Salt’s OL1376 Other – Cape May New Jersey No
Fragrant harbor OL1377 Bahamas – Abacos No
Freyja OL1378 Bermuda No
Amarula Sun OL1379 Gulf of Mexico Yes
Galatea OL1380 Bermuda Yes
Betsy OL1381 British Virgin Islands Yes
Reel Captivating OL1382 Bermuda Yes
MELEE OL1383 Hawaii – Kona Yes
Just A Dog OL1384 Bermuda No
Benchmark OL1385 Hawaii – Kona Yes
Fleur De Lis OL1386 Gulf of Mexico Yes
lights out OL1387 Other – ocean city maryland Yes
Magic One OL1388 Canary Islands No
BAR South OL1389 Other – Ocean city MD No
Miss TJ OL1390 Bermuda No
Carolina Gentleman OL1391 Other – Andros – Bahamas No
Hook n Bull OL1392 Gulf of Mexico No
Hit N Run OL1393 Bermuda Yes
Due South OL1394 Other – Morehead City NC No
Never Enough OL1395 Bermuda Yes
Pound for Pound OL1396 Bermuda No
Challenger OL1397 Bermuda Yes
sea dollar OL1398 Gulf of Mexico No
No Compromise OL1399 Other – Panama No
BILLFISHER OL1401 Other – Sunset Marina; Ocean City
Done Deal OL1402 Gulf of Mexico Yes
Get Reel OL1403 Gulf of Mexico No
NO QUARTER OL1404 Other – Ocean City MD No
Blue Rampage OL1405 Other – Portugal albufeira No
Rod Bender OL1406 Hawaii – Kona No
Tenanious OL1407 Bermuda No
Amelia OL1409 Cape Verde No
Silver Star OL1410 Hawaii – Kona No
Outnumbered OL1411 Gulf of Mexico No