Official Rules

Listed below are the official rules (the “Rules”) of the International Gamefisherman, Inc. (“IGI”) World Cup Blue Marlin Championship tournament (the “Tournament”).

  1. Conflicting tournaments: Any participant in the Tournament (including the Big Blue Challenge) shall not enter another July 4th tournament where participants are competing with participants in other countries or territories.
  2. Entry fee: $5,000 per boat (each boat is referred to as “Participant”).
  3. Optional Big Blue Challenge: $8,000 per Participant (the “Big Blue Challenge or BBC”).
  4. Payment and Acceptance of Entry Fee: Payment can be made by standard commercial means either by mail, wire transfer or over the internet. After June 19, 2019 only internet credit card payments and cash (US currency only) will be accepted. Each Participant must receive a confirmation number prior to July 4 which shall confirm Participant’s entry into the Tournament. Registration will close July 2, 2019 6:00 pm EST!
  5. Revocation of Entry: IGI reserves the right in its sole and absolute discretion to reject or revoke participation by any Participant for any reason. Revocation may be communicated or sent to Participant by phone, fax or email and is effective when sent by IGI.
  6. Withdrawal: Refunds will only be made for withdrawals if a written withdrawal and refund notice signed by the Participant is received by IGI on or before 5:00pm, July 2, 2019.
  7. Qualifying fish: Blue Marlin, 500 pounds or more. All fish below the qualifying weight or those fish caught that are smaller than the biggest reported catch shall be released.
  8. Winning fish: The winning fish will be the heaviest blue marlin over 500 pounds caught in accordance with these Tournament Rules. If the winner is not entered in the Big Blue Challenge, there may be a separate Big Blue Challenge winner if a BBC Participant catches a qualifying fish. In the case of a tie, the earliest confirmed time with IGI of fish boated will be the winner.
  9. IGFA and Government Rules: Subject to the express modifications set forth in these Tournament Rules, each Participant shall comply with the IGFA rules which can be viewed at under “Fishing,” and with all applicable government rules and regulations. THE TOURNAMENT WILL ONLY ALLOW THE USE OF SPECIFIED FISHING LINE AS NOTED AT RULE NUMBER 15 BELOW. PARTICIPANTS ARE SOLELY RESPONSIBLE FOR REVIEWING THIS RULE AND COMPLYING WITH THE LINE SPECIFICATIONS. Participants are assumed to have all the necessary permits, licenses and /or registrations required by law. However, it is not the responsibility of IGI to verify that all required permits, licenses and registrations are acquired by Participants or any applicable parties on their boats. Failure of a winning angler or team to have obtained any or all required permits, registrations or licenses shall not be grounds for a protest to be filed or for a fish to be disqualified.
  10. Tournament Prize Money and Distribution: Prize money is awarded for first place only in this winner takes all tournament to the Participant catching the largest blue marlin over 500 lbs. If the winner is not entered in the Big Blue Challenge, there may be a separate Big Blue Challenge winner if a BBC Participant catches a qualifying fish. Prize money shall be equal to 80% of Tournament Entry Fees (the “Prize Money”). The Prize Money will be distributed to the “Payee” designated in writing by Participant. IN THE EVENT THAT A QUALIFYING FISH IS NOT CAUGHT, THE TOURNAMENT PRIZE MONEY (TOURNAMENT ENTRY FEES MINUS 20%) WILL BE ROLLED OVER AND ADDED TO THE PRIZE MONEY FOR THE 2020 TOURNAMENT. Reentry and payment of the 2020 Tournament Entry Fee will be required to participate in the 2019 World Cup.
  11. Big Blue Challenge: Entry in the Big Blue Challenge is optional and all Tournament Rules will apply. The winning BBC Participant will be the BBC Participant catching the largest blue marlin over 500 Lbs. The BBC is a winner takes all event with prize money equal to the total BBC entry fees minus 20% (the “BBC Prize Money”). The BBC Prize Money will be distributed to the “Payee” designated in writing by Participant. If there is no BBC winner, 80% of the BBC entry fees will be refunded.
  12. Fishing hours: Lines in the water at 8:30 am and out of the water at 4:30 pm in the angler’s local time zone. If a hookup is reported to World Cup headquarters prior to lines out at 4:30 pm and the angler reasonably believes that the marlin exceeds 500 lbs., the angler may continue fighting the marlin until it is boated, released or lost; provided, however, that the marlin must be docked, weighed and reported by midnight, July 4, 2019 in accordance with Rule 14.
  13. Polygraph: IGI reserves the right to require that the angler and/or any members of the crew pass a polygraph test, administered in the manner determined by IGI, in order to collect the Prize Money. All tests or other verification costs incurred by IGI shall be paid out of the Prize Money and/or BBC Prize Money, as applicable.
  14. Determination and Verification of Fish Size: Fish weight as well as length (as measured from the tip of the lower jaw to the fork of the tail) and girth (the “Weight and Measurements”) shall be taken by a qualified weigh master approved by IGI. At least two independent witnesses are required to witness the taking of the Weight and Measurements. The Weight and Measurements along with photos taken to verify the Weight and Measurements and the witnesses’ names and contact information shall be submitted to IGI as soon as reasonably possible, but no later than midnight, July 4, 2019. An observer approved by IGI may be required for any Participant fishing in a remote area where there are no other Participants (the “Remote Area”). IGI shall have the right to refuse any entry if it believes that adequate verification procedures are not available in the Remote Area to modify verification compliances and procedures in its sole discretion.
  15. Fishing Line Requirements: Any line (monofilament, Dacron or braided line) with a manufacturer’s stated breaking strength of 100 pounds or less; also accepted is any line labeled as “IGFA-rated or Tournament-rated” with a breaking strength of 130 pounds or less. Backing of ANY SIZE is permitted as long as the top shot does not exceed 130lb. test IGFA or 100lb manufacturers stated.The catch shall be classified under the breaking strength of the first five meters of line directly preceding the double line, leader or hook. This section must be comprised of a single, homogenous piece of line.”
  16. Reporting: Participants shall use their best effort to report, as soon as possible, when a fish is hooked and then when any large blue marlin is boated and the estimated weight of the fish. IGI may provide Tournament day activity on the Blue Marlin World Cup web site or through “Twitter”, Facebook or the tournament website as it occurs throughout the day, however, in no event shall IGI have any liability for any such information that may later turn out to be inaccurate or false.
  17. Adverse Conditions: It is the responsibility of each Participant to decide in advance whether to fish on July 4. Participants shall not be entitled to refunds for the Tournament or the Big Blue Challenge unless Participant complies with the refund rules set forth above. Participant shall not be entitled to a refund after the refund deadline due to the inability of Participant to fish on July 4 for any reason, including, but not limited to bad weather, adverse sea conditions, other acts of God, mechanical or physical conditions or other similar conditions or events.
  18. Dispute Resolution: In order for any dispute or protest to be considered it must be submitted to IGI prior to 5:00 pm on July 5, 2019. Any dispute shall be determined and resolved in the sole and absolute discretion of the IGI rules committee and said determination and/or resolution shall be final and binding.
  19. Indemnification: Anglers / crews / boat owner and guests of Participant (collectively “Participating Parties”) enter the Tournament at their own risk, individually and collectively, and assume all risks which might occur. Participating Parties hereby release and forever discharge IGI and their agents, employees, representatives, attorneys, shareholders, officers, directors, assigns, heirs and successors-in-interest from and against any and all claims, demands, obligations and causes of action, which Participating Parties may have arising out of or in any way connected with their participation in the Tournament. Participant acknowledges and agrees to abide by the rules established by IGI and any decisions or determinations made by IGI regarding said rules. Participant shall be responsible for having each of the participating parties sign a copy of these rules prior to the tournament. In the event any claim is not covered by this indemnification provision, maximum damages payable to any Participant or any other party shall be limited to; (i) the amount of their entry fee; or (ii) $10,000, whichever is less.
  20. Jurisdiction: In the event of any litigation arising out of the Tournament, participant hereby consents to the jurisdiction of the Florida courts with venue in Broward County, Florida.
  21. Consent to Rules and Failure to Abide by the Rules: Submission of your entry into the Tournament constitutes your acceptance of the Rules and your agreement to abide by the Rules. Failure to abide by the Rules shall constitute disqualification.